Microsoft Quietly Released Windows Defender Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Microsoft Quietly Released Windows Defender Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Despite the fact that Microsoft still claims that the Edge browser is more secure than Google Chrome, the company quietly released the Windows Defender extension in the Chrome Web Store. The new Chrome extension promises to offer additional protection against malicious and phishing Web sites, and this is done using the same technology as in Microsoft Edge and Windows Defender.

After installing the Chrome extension, it will add a real-time indicator to the browser of malicious sites and the status of the website. Windows Defender Browser Protection uses a constantly updated list of malicious websites to alert you when you click on malicious links in emails or visit a website that is reportedly dangerous. In this case, you will see a red warning screen with a large “Back to Security” button.

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Google Chrome can already protect you from dangerous websites, but if Chrome is selected in your browser, you might want to check out the new Microsoft security enhancement. You can also easily enable and disable the extension by clicking on the drop-down list in the Chrome menu.

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