Why Move to the Cloud? Top Benefits of Cloud Computing

The use of cloud computing services is ever growing in the technological world, as businesses of all size and magnitude are increasingly turning to cloud technologies. A survey conducted by  right scale in 2016, shows that 90% of tech companies leverage on cloud technologies.  

Cloud technologies offer huge benefits to all business sizes and magnitudes. Start up a business can quickly start running while leveraging on enterprise grade cloud services, which is flexible enough to accommodate growth, with minimal capital expenditure. For Medium SIzed business, Cloud technologies help shift focus from increasing I.t infrastructures needs and demand to core business operations and productivity. Cloud computing service is of huge advantage to Large organizations as well, it helps resolve the problem of complex hosting, varying infrastructural requirement, high website traffic and demanding applications.

Cloud often helps in minimising cost, maximising operational efficiency. Some of its top advantage to business includes; flexibility, productivity, speed etc.

General benefits of cloud computing are;


Cloud computing services are flexible, it can  be accessed and used from virtually  anywhere(with internet connection)


Cloud computing usage is highly scalable, as businesses are growing, they can easily step-up their cloud usage and services to fit their needs and demands.


Cloud computing removes the need for complex I.t installments and setup, thereby shifting business focus from setup, maintenance to more productivity  oriented task


Cloud computing is highly reliable, it ensures, data backup, disaster recovery, and security.  


Cloud computing services help business  in eliminating the huge capital expense of buying, setting up and  managing, hardware, software, and on-site data centers


cloud computing services mostly provide self-service and on demand computing resources that can be provisioned almost instantly.


Cloud service providers offer up-to-date technology, thereby providing businesses with constantly updated applications and tools. Also, business leveraging on cloud technologies have the competitive edge.

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