What is Power BI and How it Can Make Business Analytics Easy for Your Organization

What is Power BI and How it Can Make Business Analytics Easy for Your Organization

According to Microsoft, Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website. Power BI is a set of tools useful for analyzing the business of the company and for providing fundamental information to the functioning of the entire organization. With the practical business analysis service provided by Microsoft, you can switch from simple data to meaningful information in just a few clicks. Thanks to Power BI it is possible to produce engaging reports and visualizations, which facilitate the comprehension of information and which can subsequently be published and used on the web, both on fixed devices and on mobile devices. The system allows you to quickly and easily create fully customizable dashboards that offer a 360-degree view of any company, with significant benefits for your business.

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Benefits of Using Power BI for Business Intelligence in Your Organization

Power BI Desktop

A 360-degree dynamic vision

With Power BI you can view any type of information, from spreadsheets to the app or web services of a company. Users can customize dynamic views to stay up-to-date on the company’s “core” data such as sales information, margins and profits.

Interactive reporting

Generate reports and interactive insights that show your company’s strengths and weaknesses. The Microsoft business intelligence tool reports constantly updated information, enabling the company to make decisions and provide answers based on real-time data.

User-friendly dashboard

With Power BI you can build custom dashboards by displaying the most relevant information, without necessarily searching within data lists or within reports. Not only! Dashboards can be developed specifically for project teams or functional areas so that enabled users can collaborate in real time, sharing the necessary information through interactive visualizations.

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How it works

To access Power BI, it is sufficient to have a web connection and register on the portal with a company email address. In a few seconds, you can start to import data, produce information, create reports for detailed analysis, perform queries and queries of any kind on the data of interest to the different aspects of the company.

Power BI consists of 3 main components: a Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop; a Power BI app for mobile devices that can be used on tablets and smartphones with Windows, iOS and Android operating systems and an online SaaS service called Power BI service. These components are best integrated to offer customers the ability to create and share different business information. In a very simplified way, it can be said that normally the workflow on the software starts on Power BI Desktop, in which it is created a report that will subsequently be published on the Power BI service in order to be usable for users who use the app.

How much does it cost?

Microsoft offers users both version Free (Desktop) and Paid (Pro and Premium) version. The free version contains all the main basic functions necessary to start analyzing data, while the Paid has additional features that allow for example greater storage capacity and the ability to schedule updates several times a day. The Pro version is also released for a free trial.

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