What Is Microsoft Azure Stack and How Can It Help Your Business?

What Is Microsoft Azure Stack and How Can It Help Your Business?

Microsoft launched Azure Stack in 2017, after two years of teasing its appearance. Labelled as the first “hybrid cloud appliance” (some might disagree) it is nevertheless a very exciting platform, mainly providing the best of Azure in a rack in your datacenter.
I intend to look at what Azure Stack is in this article and how it can assist your company.

What is Microsoft Azure Stack?

Azure Stack is an Azure technology that is modelled on vetted hardware and distributed by authorized suppliers bringing Azure cloud technology to your data center. The suppliers handle the hardware (with Dell, Lenovo and HPE Cisco coming as at the time of this writing) and the software is managed by Microsoft. Azure Stack is used to build solutions, not tinker with hardware.

What are the Azure Stack use cases?

Microsoft mentions three main Azure Stack scenarios:
  1. For Edge and disconnected alternatives. For instance, remote or mobile places with unstable network connectivity (generally referred to as distant installations, aircraft and cruise ships). During Instances like these, Azure Stack allows Azure cloud techniques to be used without an Internet connection.
  2. Supporting cloud apps that fulfill diverse regulatory demands. This is an important area as many organisations know the importance of cloud technology but are restricted by regulatory and other critical, non-technical issues. Using Azure Stack delivers the cloud’s advantages while continuing to host computing resources in a private data center.
  3. To put the cloud application model on-premise. I stated earlier the emphasis on consistency by the Azure Stack team. It’s not just marketing hype, but the best way to understand the design of Azure Stack and the value it can bring to organizations (and why I believe it’s going to be a fantastic success).
If and when you need to scale beyond the capacities of your Azure Stack software, applications created on-site for Azure Stack can be easily implemented to Azure.

What are some benefits of Azure Stack?

Azure Stack has many advantages to it. For example, users can use Azure’s web and mobile services, architectures, and containers to expand legacy applications by using consistent cloud and on-prem processes.
They can also create apps with a coherent set of tools and services, and then deploy those apps to a suitable place by writing code just once.
It enables businesses the freedom to seamlessly transfer workloads between private and public settings, bringing a whole fresh world of opportunities to those who have long hoped to deploy apps for a turnkey solution. While it took hours or even days to deploy fresh cloud applications with Azure Stack, customers can deploy them in minutes using pre-built alternatives from Azure’s Marketplace. Also readily incorporated with Azure Stack are add-on products such as Commvault Hyperscale.
Lastly, users find their payment framework in Azure Stack. Users only pay for the services they actually use, which can be discovered in Azure as well.
Descasio Limited can help you determine the right set up to meet your specific business needs. Contact us to support your business anytime!

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