What is Digital Transformation and Technologies Involved?

What is Digital Transformation and Technologies Involved?

Think of all the new terms that have appeared as a result of the technological revolution: Big Data, Machine Learning in Industry 4.0,  Digital Transformation. And there is much talk about digital transformation and many think it is about handling a CRM, an ERP or a BPM which can be done by anyone, digital transformation means much more than all this. This transformation is not only technological but also brings new skills in both individuals and in the reinvention of organizations that affect the traditional global market. It is not focused on the technology used (Big Data, Cloud, Internet of things) but on using it to achieve the objectives set. The digital transformation will be linked to business objectives and strategies.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is part of a technological process that has been happening globally for a decade and that now has undergone an exponential acceleration. In practice, it is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human life, both personally and professionally.

Digital transformation is also that phenomenon that improves and renews business processes, replacing the archaic, slow and boring procedures with simpler, more innovative and more efficient ones.

But to profoundly apply digital transformation, a change in corporate culture is needed. This is not a path that is neither quick nor simple: in fact, it involves a significant rethinking of the management of internal resources and a different approach to the work of all employees.

Key Technologies Involved in Digital Transformation

With so much excitement surrounding the different technologies available, it can be very difficult to know which to use. We would look at some of the key areas that businesses and CTOs can work on, including key technologies to enable digital transformation in order to help avoid this pitfall.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
As opposed to searching for ways to work more earnestly, organizations are starting to search for ways to work more intelligently. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence is probably the most ideal approaches to create bits of insights and improve efficiency. By deploying AI solutions organizations can use the data sets they aggregate and use them to refine our daily business strategic practices.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Digital Transformation is also not only isn’t just about changing experiences either, but the fringes between the physical world and the internet are also gradually being eliminated as the Internet of things (IoT) devices keep on developing. In order to collect data, IoT suppliers can connect all of the wearable devices and smart devices to the internet.

Although blockchain is quite far from mainstream adoption, it is sufficiently large to gain your attention. The banking and financial industries have been leading the exploration and adoption of blockchain to perform secure transactions of capital. In the Insurance industries, it’s used to drive digital trust and simpling the overall process of insurance. While it’s being used to provide higher security of electronically stored patient records in the health sector.

Big Data
Big Data is well-known for its ability to analyze customer information to help marketing and sales departments to understand consumer habits, target prospects and open new business and regional possibilities. Currently, predictive data science modelling techniques are being used in an enterprise to promote digital transformation and better business processes.




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