What Everyone Is Saying about SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

What Everyone Is Saying about SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

We have already talked about what Cloud Computing is, it has been establishing itself and changing various aspects of IT services. But it does not stop there, Cloud Computing has some basic forms of delivery, these bases are divided into three different structures: Iaas, SaaS and PaaS.

Every company knows their business as nobody else and where they want to go. When your business has eyes for the decision to use cloud services for your application or deployment of infrastructure, it is important for you to realize the fundamental differences between these categories.

The categories of cloud computing

In the cloud, there are 3 main categories of solutions offered. Below you will understand a little more about each of them:

  • SaaS: applications created for the end user, delivered through the web;
  • PaaS: tools and services designed to make SaaS coding and delivery simpler and more agile;
  • IaaS: hardware and software that makes possible the use of these solutions (servers, networks, storage, etc).

iaas paas saas hierarchy


SaaS – Software as a Service – is software made available to the customer through the internet, through the purchase of a license or the contracting of a recurring service that can be paid according to use.

The SaaS is accessed by commercial software, managed from a central one and delivered in the “one to many” model, that is, an access point for several users. The rapid growth of this type of service shows that it is an adoption trend for all companies, especially those that offer technology services.

SaaS examples

Relationship management applications such as Salesforce, productivity/communication software suites such as Google Apps, Skype and Office365, storage solutions like Dropbox.


PaaS – Platform as a Service – is a platform that allows the creation of web applications in a practical and effective way, without the complexity of buying and maintaining updated and structured software.

PaaS offers services that assist in the development, testing and deploy of programs, integrating tools that can be used by several users (one for many). It has a structure that makes it easy to scale and launch modifications of the software in development, besides to the collaboration and collection by the services, all in one place.

The basic difference between PaaS and SaaS is that the first is software offered through the internet and the second is a development platform. However, both are cloud-based.

Sample PaaS

Amazon Beanstalk, Google Apps Engine, IBM Bluemix, OpenShift


All services in the cloud need some kind of infrastructure to operate, a base server with enough machines and storage to run software and platforms. IaaS – Infrastructure as a service – does just that: it provides the necessary on-demand infrastructure. That is, it is possible to hire the necessary service for your company without having to acquire all the equipment.

The main feature of IaaS is that it offers features as a service, which is the big difference for SaaS and PaaS. This is a model that allows to scale activities dynamically, that is, the change occurs according to the needs of the contracting company. For this reason, there are different plans for hiring the service.

IaaS Examples

Properly said are features of servers like Amazon EC2.


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