Isreali Cloud Migration Company, Velostrata Acquired by Google

Isreali Cloud Migration Company, Velostrata Acquired by Google

Google today announced that it will acquire Israeli start-up Velostrata, which provides transfer services for applications ranging from local data centres to public clouds such as Google.

The move is designed to make Google’s cloud platform more appealing to enterprise customers, many of whom have already forgotten the transition to the cloud because of the complexity of it.

Isreali Cloud Migration Company, Velostrata Acquired by Google

Velostrata’s platform works by adapting on-premises workloads to be carried out in the cloud while helping to dismantle warehouse computing. The company says its platform can reduce the time it takes to migrate applications to the cloud for weeks “under an hour.”

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Velostrata does this by separating virtual machines from the data they use before moving them out of the company firewall. The core components of the application can be moved to the cloud within a few minutes, the company says. The workload configuration settings are optimized for the target platform so that it can rise and start running as soon as the migration is completed. Once it is done, the data is then streamed into cloud provider as the final piece of the puzzle, without affecting the ability of the application to run.

The acquisition came barely a month after Worcester announced a new service specifically for the Google Cloud Platform. Previously, the company has already offered such services for Google’s competitors, Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

It is not clear whether Google will close down the rival services or keep them up and running, as they may have advantages for both. “Combined with AWS support and long-term Azure support, Google now has a potential cloud transit solution that will ease load transfers to GCP after they’ve been pulled in the first place,” Miller said.

The advantage of maintaining these rival migration services is that it can help Google place GCP as the “fixed point” in the cloud, as customers would initially plan from GCP, and from there to other clouds if they want, Miller said. He added that Google was wise by making its move now as other services have been tested and have customers.

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