Unravelling Myths about the Cloud

Unravelling Myths about the Cloud

The myths about cloud computing have made it very slow for many companies to adopt cloud technology into their operations. The area of ​​IT evolves rapidly as it deals with continuously renewing software and hardware technologies. If there is no adoption to these technologies, the company can enter an accelerated and progressive level of lag, losing much of its competitive advantage.

Today’s best practices involve migrating complete local data centers to the cloud, where resources and tools are provided at lower costs. If you are one of the organizations who are scared of adopting cloud technology in your business, here are myths and truths about cloud computing.

Key Myths About the Cloud

Let’s start with the more sustained untruths about cloud computing:

1. The solution requires high investment
That is actually not true. You only pay for what you use. It’s a subscription model and you are only paying for the spaces, resources and tools that the company needs. An additional amount is only charged if the business needs to temporarily use more space and other tools.

2. There are many risks involved
Basically, when a company wants to migrate to the cloud, the provider gives full support during migration processes and adaptation of data and systems to the new environment. Everything is done very cautiously and based on security policies so there is no problem at this stage.

Then, in everyday use, internal risks – such as access by unauthorized personnel – can be mitigated by the company itself, making professionals aware of the security of their passwords. Already the external threats are combated with the encryption of data and passwords, firewalls and other resources to prevent the invasion of the systems.

Even if the company data got deleted, there are backup services scheduled to be performed automatically. Copies are replicated to ancillary servers and can be accessed easily if necessary. All these security measures take care of the high risks involved.

3. The cloud will fade soon
Also not true. “Organizations need cloud-related services to get onboard8 onto public clouds and to transform their operations as they adopt public cloud services,” said Mr Nag, research vice president at Gartner (a globally recognized IT consulting firm). Currently, almost 19% of cloud budgets are spent on cloud-related services, such as cloud consulting, implementation, migration and managed services, and Gartner expects that this rate will increase to 28% by 2022. Considering the pace, it is anticipated that by 2022, companies that are not in the cloud will be considered as rare and obsolete as those that do not use the Internet these days.

If managers resist because they believe it is a risky and expensive asset, they will be left behind. Therefore, the company must lose competitive strength and, when some action is taken, it may be too late.

The cloud is not only growing by its adoption, but also by the constant evolution of the resources and technological tools that it brings. As a result, the benefits delivered are further improved, making the cloud a truly evolving business strategy.

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The Truth About the Cloud

Now that you know what statements are just myths, here are what true about cloud computing:

1. It is a solution full of benefits
The cloud allows the company to reduce costs with physical infrastructure, virtualizing servers and avoiding the need to invest in the acquisition, downloads, installations, upgrades and maintenance of software, machines and equipment.

If the company experiences a natural or accidental disaster, its operation can be assured with the help of a disaster recovery plan (Disaster Recovery). This means that the business does not go out of the air (not stop) and continues to generate revenue while the damages are recovered.

If the company needs to meet demand spikes or sustain planned growth – fast or not – you can count on scalability and have the spaces, resources and tools you need, paying only for what you use. In the case of demand peaks, when they pass, the company can return to the original size, having an elastic design available.

2. It is an increasingly strong trend
We could spend all day talking about the benefits of cloud computing. As time goes by, more and more managers are seeing the opportunities generated by the adoption of cloud services. Today, technology is considered to be a strong trend for the IT industry, which is expected to serve businesses from all segments, but soon it will become more than that.

Gartner predicts cloud services will be a must for companies wishing to operate safely and optimally, regardless of segment, by 2020.

3. Increases Productivity
When the company migrates data and operations to the cloud, it gains mobility. This means that information and systems can be accessed from anywhere, any time and any device connected to the internet, not limiting the work to the premises of the company.

Imagine the productive time you currently lose during your trips or in bank queues. At home, if you need to access anything for consultation, monitoring or want to work in free time, you will have the freedom to do so. If this mobility is extended to the company’s employees, remote workstations can be created, bringing even more benefits to the business.

Finally, it is important to remember that for the strategy to be really beneficial, managers need to have the support of a cloud computing partner like Descasio. Making the choice of the provider, configuration of environments, migration and monitoring are actions that demand efficient planning and control.

If a company does not have its own team to perform these functions, it can jeopardize the full potential that technology promises. After all, thinking that you can do everything without the expertise of an expert and still have the best results possible maybe another myth of cloud computing.

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Source: Gartner

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