Understanding Cloud Computing Architecture and Its Components

Understanding Cloud Computing Architecture and Its Components

Cloud computing architecture

Each time we discussing things about cloud computing system, it is actually helpful to divide it into the front end and the backend end. They interact with each other by means of a network usually via the internet. The front end is the section the client sees. The back end is the cloud section of the system.

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Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing architecture consists of a lot of cloud components, that happened to be loosely coupled.

Front End

The front end is the name given to the client section of cloud computing system. It comprises of interfaces and also applications that are necessary to easily access the cloud computing platforms. Example Web Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge (Formerly known as Internet Explorer).

Certainly not all cloud computing systems possess the exact user interface. Services like Web-based email programs making use of readily available browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and its cousins. Other systems have distinctive applications that provide network access to clients.

Back End

Back end represents the cloud. It comprises of all resource required to provide cloud computing services. It has huge data storage, virtual machines, security mechanism, services, deployment models, servers, etc.

If it turns out that a cloud computing company has a whole lot of clients, there is definitely going to be an increased demand for a whole lot of storage space. Cloud computing systems require at least twice the number of storage devices it needs to preserve all its clients’ information stored. The reason is that device like computers occasionally breaks down. A cloud computing system replicates its clients’ data and stores it on other unreachable. The replicated data makes it possible for the central server to access backup machines to recover data that normally would be unreachable. Replicating copies of the data as a backup is called Redundancy.

In a cloud computing architecture, each and every application are maintained and served by a cloud server. Its data is copied and stored remotely as part of the cloud configuration. A well-integrated cloud system can create nearly limitless efficiencies and possibilities.


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