Symantec has extended security protection for Azure and Office 365

Symantec has extended security protection for Azure and Office 365

Symantec is ready to give a noteworthy security support for Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. The company believes that it will make it easier for people to adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure.
Going forward, Azure will now be secured through the Symantec Web Security Service, which will help users to better control and preserve the corporate usage of the cloud, but also prevent data leaks and make sure their company has the latest rules and Regarding the regulations.

Symantec has extended security protection for Azer and Office 365With Symantec, whole system security stacks can be moved to the cloud, which empowers for an immediate, secure availability to either Office 365 or Azure, but also across the entire web.

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Symantec Senior Vice President and CIO Sheila Jordan said, “Symantec and Microsoft will keep on sharing their commitment to online security.” “Through our efforts, we are bringing world-class security solutions for Azure to help customers understand the speed, flexibility and capacity of cloud computing while being safe from today’s emerging threats.”

Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group’s Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie said, “The collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec brings together advanced network security and intelligent cloud infrastructure,” Symantec’s complete suite of security and compliance controls, To provide a trustworthy cloud platform, we meet a comprehensive set of our security solutions.


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