Microsoft Announces Skype To-Do App Integration and More

Microsoft Announces Skype To-Do App Integration and More

During the Microsoft Surface Event, there seems to be a major focus on productivity. Skype is widely used in a business context, and at the event, Microsoft presented the latest version of Skype, in addition to the integration with Microsoft To-Do App.

The new app provides the same consistent interface across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, but solely to Windows 10, now you can use the share charm to share content directly with your Skype contacts.

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If you’re browsing in Microsoft Edge or looking for a document in File Explorer and find something you want to share, just tap the Share icon and select a Skype contact to share with – there’s no need to launch Skype.

The Skype for Windows 10 app also sports a number of other features including:

  • To-Do—Add tasks to your To-Do list directly from Skype. Select the message and then tap “Create a task” to open the tasks pane. From here, you can add, edit and check off tasks. Tasks will be saved and available in Skype, or in the To-Do app.
  • Call recording — With call recording, you can save a call to the chat and return to it later so you won’t forget something important.  Missed a meeting? No problem, now you can find and replay key moments or decisions, just as they were made by those on the call.
  • Private Conversations — Have end-to-end encrypted Skype audio calls, send text messages, image, audio and video files. The content is hidden in chat list notifications to keep the information you share privately.
  • Themes — You can now customize your chat bubbles. Give them colour to make your chats more festive or stick with our classic colours when you need to get down to business.
  • And much more — Archive conversations, the ability to mute others in a group call, @mentions and more.

The new features will be delivered via the usual app update route.

The app can otherwise be found in the Store here.

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