Project XCloud, New Game Streaming Platform on Microsoft Azure

Project XCloud, New Game Streaming Platform on Microsoft Azure

Project xCloud, announced for the first time at E3 2018, will be based on Microsoft Azure streaming technology and will make games for Xbox One and Windows 10 also available on tablets and smartphones. In fact, their graphics will be processed remotely and will therefore not require particularly powerful local hardware.

Microsoft plans to launch public Project xCloud tests during the next year. Meanwhile, he released the video, which can be found below, which shows how it is possible to play famous Xbox franchises like Forza and Halo on portable devices.

With Project xCloud, therefore, we aim to extend the potential audience of the most famous brands of video games to those who do not usually use a console or an armoured PC for gaming. In these conditions, of course, the quality of the internet connection will play a decisive role in the enjoyment of the gaming experience: the images, processed by a Microsoft data centre, will be sent to the client device via the Internet.

Many companies have already experimented with cloud gaming, not always with brilliant results. OnLive was one of the precursors in this sense: its technology, after the acquisition of Sony in 2015, is the basis of the PlayStation Now service. Even Square Enix has tried to climb to cloud gaming, in 2014 with the service called Shinra. The company with Italian roots Cloudgine, moreover, worked with Microsoft for the management of Crackdown 3 on the cloud. Finally, a few days ago Google showed how it is possible to play the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Chrome using the processing via cloud within the so-called Project Stream.

Project xCloud is the culmination of a multi-year work within Microsoft and will be able to take advantage of the bandwidth and latency advantages allowed by 5G connections. At the same time Microsoft is quick to point out how these efforts do not represent the end of Xbox One or PC gaming: rather, xCloud will offer players who own these platforms a way to continue their gaming experience on smartphones.

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