Google Will Introduce a New Gaming Service on March 19

Google Will Introduce a New Gaming Service on March 19

Apple will not be the only company that has scheduled the launch of its new services at the end of March. Another market player intending to do the same will be Google. According to confirmed information, as early as March 19, almost a week earlier Apple, the search giant expects to hold its own event called Game Developers Conference, within which it is likely to present its new platform for game streaming – Project Stream.

The date of the upcoming conference is confirmed by the invitation, which Google sent the participants. Most of them, as the name implies, will be game developers and people from related professions who may potentially be interested in the new project of the company.

Google Streaming Service

Fundamentally, the Project Stream, which Google is supposed to present at the March event, is not much different from traditional streaming services for gaming. He, like everyone, allows you to play heavy console games on computers that are significantly weaker in terms of hardware using an Internet connection. In fact, the user will see in front of him only a picture that the server sends him. However, due to the high-speed connection to the network, it is almost impossible to distinguish the stream from the real game.

The main difference of Project Stream from competitors’ solutions is to focus on browsers, or, more precisely, on branded Google Chrome. Thus, Google is likely to be able to make its service cross-platform, giving access to it to owners of computers running not only Windows, but also macOS, Chrome OS and, perhaps, even Android, which directly from the start will increase its potential audience in times, and perhaps even orders of magnitude.

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