How to Prevent Advertisers and SMM Specialist from Using Your Personal Data for Ads

How to Prevent Advertisers and SMM Specialist from Using Your Personal Data for Ads

Your search and browsing history is more valuable than you think. Advertisers and SMM specialists who have invested in Google AdSense will be very happy to use your personal data so that after you have searched the Internet, for example, “car tires” you will be flooded with relevant offers to buy tires or watch a new autoblogger video. But this can be avoided since you are able to automatically “clean the tails” after using Google services.

It should be understood that by disabling the tracking of Google activity, you will lose access to some very useful features, such as local search results, ads and recommendations adapted to your interests. Since removing activity tracking, in general, would violate the most profitable search engine functions, Google created an alternative for users who accept the service but don’t want to sacrifice their privacy.

What activity does Google track?

Google keeps track of a number of data that includes information about what you do on the Internet. This is your search history, videos viewed on YouTube, the time you spend on certain websites, and the ads you clicked on. Google then provides these data to affiliates like advertisers and they integrate into search engine advertising algorithms.

How to enable automatic deletion of activity in Google

But do not think that the search giant offers no alternative. Google finally introduced a new feature that automatically deletes data about user actions after a specified period of time. The company says that your data is used by them only for the time specified before clearing from their systems. True, at the moment the only options are the dates of 3 and 18 months.

Google web and app activity - Advertisers

At the same time, according to the company, a longer period of data collection has an additional bonus in the form of more accurate recommendations and suggestions. To access this new feature, go to the activity controls and log in to your Google account.

Here you will see the opportunity to set the data retention period for 3 or 18 months. After setting this option, the information after the expiration of the established period will be deleted and new information will be overwritten. This will create a kind of “circulation of data” within the specified parameters. After that, the data will be automatically deleted for a certain period of time.

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