Onedrive Set to Make It Easier to Recover from Ransomware

Onedrive Set to Make It Easier to Recover from Ransomware

Microsoft has unveiled a helpful new feature coming to Customers will soon have the ability to restore their OneDrive to a previous time frame, reversing virtually any changes that were accidentally or maliciously caused by malware.

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The news was originated from a presentation by Stephen L Rose, Senior Product Manager for OneDrive For Business at SharePoint on Saturday in San Diego on January 13, 2018, so it is uncertain if perhaps the feature will only be accessible for OneDrive For Business or for all the OneDrive users, Nevertheless, It would be welcome by everyone.

The feature is expected to show up “within the next few weeks,” said Ryan Schoten, MVP Sharepoint who attended the event and wrote on the picture above.

Will this feature persuade our readers to store more of their sensitive cloud files? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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1 thought on “Onedrive Set to Make It Easier to Recover from Ransomware

  1. Avatar Anubhab says:

    It’s true that onedrive has been really helpful. One of my colleagues PC recently got infected, but he got his data safely out of it because of onedrive.

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