Google Adds Offline Mode Feature on Google Drive

Google Adds Offline Mode Feature on Google Drive

A wide range of branded services and applications allows Google almost daily to please us with their updates. For example, over the past few months, the search giant has redesigned almost all of its digital products, bringing them in line with the style of Material design 2.0. In second place after the redesign was a night theme, which allows to ease the strain on the user’s eyes and save battery life. But is it be time to take up the functional updates?

Recently, Google began distributing the Google Drive cloud storage update with offline support. Activation allows you to work with some files uploaded to the cloud, even in the absence of an Internet connection. Unfortunately, for now, the mode only applies to text documents and spreadsheets, allowing you to edit and save them completely autonomously. Another thing is that, for obvious reasons, it will be possible to share the changes made only after connecting to the Network.

Offline Mode in Google Drive

How to work with documents offline

Initially, the innovation will be available only to users of the desktop version of Google Drive and only in the Chrome browser. To activate this feature you need a corresponding extension called “Google Docs offline” ( download ). Its installation will allow you to interact with all the documents that we opened recently, in Google Drive, without connecting to the Internet.

To activate the offline mode, go to Google Drive’s “Settings”“General” and check the box next to “Offline Access”.

You probably noticed that the extension that is required to work offline with Google Drive was available in Chrome and earlier. That is true. However, earlier this extension opened up the opportunity to interact with Google documents exclusively in the Web applications “Documents,” “Tables” and “Presentations” whereas now access to all of them is opened from Google Drive at once, regardless of format.

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