Office 365 Launches Multi-Geo to Control Where Your Data Is Stored

Office 365 Launches Multi-Geo to Control Where Your Data Is Stored

Microsoft recently launched Multi-Geo capabilities in Office 365. With this new feature which is generally available for everyone, IT administrator would now be able to move Office 365 client information between different data center geographies, and furthermore set up particular sharing and setup approaches for each Geo.

Since last year, Multi-Geo has been in preview, and it’s accessible for Exchange Online and OneDrive starting yesterday. “With Multi-Geo, clients can pick in which Geo every client’s mailbox content (email body, calendar entries, and the content of email attachments) and OneDrive uploaded files are stored at rest,” the Redmond giant clarified yesterday. “Microsoft focuses on giving in-Geo data residency, business continuity and disaster recovery for your core client data.”

Multi-Geo won’t be accessible for all Office 365 subscription plan, since Microsoft will just license it to clients with at least 5,000 users. The company declared a $2/client/month permit for clients in “Satellite Geos,” which are the extra data center where Office 365 administrators can store Mailboxes and OneDrive files. Microsoft declared 9 accessible Geos around the world, with France not far off.

Regardless of its present impediment to Exchange Online and OneDrive, the new Multi-Geo abilities should make Office 365 significantly more adaptable and appealing for organizations. Microsoft additionally said today that it’s wanting to include support for SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups “soon,” and other Office 365 workloads are likewise being considered.

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