New Verification Feature Added to Google Accounts to Prevent Phishing Attacks

New Verification Feature Added to Google Accounts to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Google announced that it adds a new level of security to all these user accounts on which its service operates. The security feature is mainly offered to those who already rely on Google Chrome for all of their actions in the browser.

When a new update is announced on the G Suite blog, Google wants to improve the security of your Google account by confirming that you want to log in to the account that you are monitoring. This step will further restrict any user who silently records your Google account, especially a malicious third-party company that requires control.

This new verification tool will be deployed to all users of the Google account from May 7, and Google is currently in the process of integrating third-party accounts. As a result, not all Google users will see this new secure login screen. Google also notes that if you access G Suite Google applications through your organization in Chrome, the feature will be turned on May 7th.

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This feature will work just when users enter the SAML vendor’s website, from where they will be presented in a new screen on accounts.google.com to verify their identity. This screen will provide an additional level of security, and Google will state that it “will help prevent users from unconsciously connecting to an account created and controlled by an attacker.”

The idea here is to make sure that you sign in only if it’s your Google account. If this is not yours, you can click “I do not recognize this account” to investigate the login process. This step will not have a big impact on the usual daily use case, but it can stop phishing attacks targeted at your organization, especially those that try to trick users into quietly entering a malicious Google account.

Google also notes that this screen will only be displayed once for each account on the device. Over time, Google users will see this screen even less, as the system becomes context-sensitive to this function. This feature will allow for consistent identification, and administrators can turn off the screen using the G suite setting option.

Source: BGR | GSuite

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