Reasons to Migrate Your Business Emails to the Cloud

Reasons to Migrate Your Business Emails to the Cloud

The mail service is one of the most critical points of practically any business. In the old days, it was customary to configure an own mail server for the company, but the current options based on the cloud offer much more efficient features than maintaining a dedicated server for this task.

If you’ve had problems with speed, blockages and spam with your company’s emails, then it’s time to move to the cloud and here are some reasons to do so today.

1. Cost efficiency

When your business emails are hosted on your web hosting server you may be charged for monthly maintenance or support every time your IP is blocked for spam reasons, all these costs add up and even more if you consider the countless emails that do NOT reach your Customers get caught in “junk mail or spam” and all the time is lost waiting for the IP to be removed from the blacklists.

2. Data recovery

When saving information on several servers, you do not depend on your web hosting provider to maintain backups and stop worrying if your PC, laptop or phone suffers damage or loss. Using email from a cloud service provider, your emails are stored in the cloud and can be easily recovered.

3. Computer security

The emails in the cloud offer you better security by having multiple copies of your information in the cloud, in addition to having antivirus and anti-spam protection incorporated in the same service.

4. Service stability

The cloud infrastructure will significantly improve the stability of the service, since it is based on a network of virtual servers, distributed in different places, so if one fails, there will always be another to ensure operation.

5. Scalability

You only pay for the email accounts you use, which gives you better control over your investment, and there is no limit on the number of accounts you can use.

6. Separate web hosting and email services with the same domain

By separating the server where your website is hosted and the email service, you improve the performance of both, because in the mail server you will not consume the hard disk with the bunch of email coming in. Even if your website is offline due to downtime from your web hosting, web hosting expires, or migrating to a new web host; your emails won’t be affected and you won’t experience any downtime.

8. Better sending and receiving mail

When migrating your emails in the cloud, you will not depend on a single IP address for sending emails, which could be added to a blacklist and your business emails could reach SPAM, with this service different servers with different IP addresses are used, which completely eliminates this risk of both sending and receiving.

It is good for your business to consider these reasons when choosing a business email provider. Feel free to contact us to guide on the best choice for your business.

Descasio Limited can help you determine the right set up to meet your specific business needs. Contact us to support your business anytime!

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