Microsoft Is Renaming “Office Online” Simply as “Office”

Microsoft Is Renaming “Office Online” Simply as “Office”

Microsoft announced today that it is renaming “Office Online” simply as “Office”. Along with Office Online, other apps like Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote online will also lose the “Online” brand. When Microsoft wants to refer to the Web version of Office, it will do something like “Office for the Web“, just like “Office for Windows“, “Office for Mac“, “Office for iOS” and “Office for Android“. Microsoft may also use terminology such as “… on the Web”, “… on Office.com” and “… in a browser” to refer to the Web version of Office.

Microsoft further stated that no change was made to the brand of its “Online” server products, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online and Office Online Server.

This is why Microsoft is making this change:

Office uses secondary brands to indicate our offers such as Office 365 and Office 2019. As our offers have evolved to provide access to apps on more than one platform, it no longer makes sense to use any specific secondary brand of the platform.

Source: Office

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