Microsoft Releases Skype Content Creators for All Users: It’s Easier to Generate Collaborative Content

Microsoft Releases Skype Content Creators for All Users: It’s Easier to Generate Collaborative Content

Many times when generating content to upload to various networks we think of expensive applications and now you do not have to go that far in thinking of which software will be used to convert your recorded Skype calls for a podcast, vlog, etc. If for example, we want to record a conversation with someone which will later become a podcast or a vlog we can do, among others, using Skype, especially now that Microsoft has released Skype Content Creators for all.

And no, it does not mean that we can upload the content directly from Skype, but the popular application to communicate is now integrated with other apps such as Wirecast, Xsplit or Vmix and making it easy to record multimedia content and then share it.

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Skype Content Creators arrives for Windows 10 and MacOS and once installed it allows choosing which application we want to use, as long as it is compatible with NDI (Network Device Interface). In this way what we achieve is to have a clear track of each participant in the call, and then import each of them using the program that best suits our needs.

Thanks to Skype Content Creators it is easier to record a podcast, a vlog or a game to a video game. And its operation is very simple.

  • Before making the call in Skype, we enter in Settings
  • We select “Calls” and then “Advanced”.
  • Activate “Allow the use of NDI”.

After recording the call, we can export the content to other applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Audition, to name just four examples, and thus edit it. We do not need third-party applications to record the call or video call.

If you are interested in getting Skype Content Creators for Windows 10 or Mac, you can download it from this link.

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