Microsoft Makes Its Workplace App Teams More Competent

Microsoft Makes Its Workplace App Teams More Competent

Microsoft has unveiled additional features to its workplace app Teams which is similar to Skype, as side from inline translation capabilities, hosting up over 250 participants in meetings, and more.

“Teams would now support cloud-based meeting recording, “meeting lobby” for dial-in callers to qualify before they join the meetings and dial-in fallback support to ensure joining a meeting even in the event of network issues,” James Skay, Senior Product Marketing Manager , Intelligent Communications Product Marketing Group, Microsoft wrote in a blog post on Friday

The latest additional Microsoft Teams features include delegate support, call queues, auto-attendant, consultative transfer, do-not-disturb breakthrough, group call forwarding and out-of-office support.

Microsoft Teams Workplace App

With Direct Routing currently being part of Teams, users can certainly use their very own telephone services, together with Calling Plans will give users additional choice for dial tone in Microsoft Teams,” Skay added.

“Not every organisation has dedicated IT resources to manage their transition to Teams. In order to assist these customers, we will begin offering them Microsoft-driven automated upgrades to Teams,” Skay added.

Adding these enhancements to the devices ecosystem for Teams along with updated Skype Room Systems, app for Surface Hub in the Microsoft Store, USB-support, Microsoft is attempting to enable smoother workplace operations.

“We will communicate directly with customers regarding their upgrade options through email and in the Office 365 Message Center,” the post said.

In addition, cloud video intro services that support Teams meetings with existing video teleconferencing (VTC) systems are underway and would be generally available later this calendar year.

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