Microsoft launches the UK’s most powerful cloud services

Microsoft launches the UK’s most powerful cloud services

Microsoft has uncovered a noteworthy lift for its Azure Cloud customers in the UK, with the launch of several new powerful offerings.

The company has launched it’s M-Series virtual machine for the first time in the UK, giving British businesses to deal with bigger and more mind-boggling workloads than any time in recent memory.

Microsoft says that it is the only company that provides a standard of cloud computing power in this country because the M-Series supports up to 128 virtual central processing unit (vCPU) and in the vicinity of one and 3.8 tebibytes of RAM on a solitary VM. It also provides up to 20 terabytes of memory – which are offered today by any public cloud service available in the country.

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Microsoft has likewise declared the launch of its new DV3VM in UK data center, which is capable of performing better and more efficiently than the previous generation, with 28 percent less cost.

Microsoft’s principle program manager John Beck said, “By unlocking more power than built-in hardware, we can take advantage of better performance and efficiency, as a result, we are sending cost savings to our customers”

Finally, Microsoft has also confirmed that information centers will now be available in their UK data centers, so that users can send push notifications directly to their customers. Regardless of which platform you are using – Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle or Badu will work, and it can be used to connect with millions of mobile devices.

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