Microsoft Will Buy Existing Cloud Storage Contracts for Customers Switching to OneDrive for Business

Microsoft Will Buy Existing Cloud Storage Contracts for Customers Switching to OneDrive for Business

Microsoft is focusing on its cloud storage competitors, including Dropbox, Box and Google today, by offering to basically purchase clients’ current contracts in the event that they do transfer to OneDrive for Business. Customers who are currently paying one of these competitive solutions can instead use OneDrive for nothing for the rest of their agreement’s term, the company says.

The objective here is to pull in clients who were keen on experimenting with OneDrive for Business, but are secured in other services.

This offer, which runs from today until June 30, is not open to anyone.

Rather, Microsoft is particularly focusing on big business clients with this deal, as it requires the company to meet at least 500 users’ commitment to OneDrive. It also can not be an existing client from OneDrive or Office 365.

Microsoft today has a number of larger customers to store and synchronize the cloud. Last year, OneDrive’s storage and file synchronization tripled, according to Microsoft, and now has more than 350,000 companies and organizations that use their programs. This includes companies such as Lowe’s, Accenture, DBS Bank, Rackspace, and others.

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The move to pursue adversaries’ greatest clients comes not long after one of those organizations, Dropbox, has privately petitioned for an IPO, according to Bloomberg last month. Dropbox has a strong base of consumers on the platform, with a total of 500 million users, but has 200,000 companies, as of August 2017.

At the same time, it has 80,000 customers pay through the enterprise and the government said during the third quarter earnings in November.

Microsoft isn’t simply depending on offers like this one to allure clients to switch.

The company additionally declared various new features and capabilities of OneDrive at Microsoft’s Ignite conference last fall. From that point forward, upgrades such as secure external file sharing have been floated; feature on-demand files that do not use local disk space. Multi-geographic capabilities of multinational organizations; self-service recovery solution called file recovery; and capacity expansion, including real-time co-authoring of Office and drag-and-drop files, on iOS.

In addition to contracting to purchase, Microsoft is making migration assistance and documentation more available through FastTrack, he says.

Culled: TechCrunch

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