Microsoft Build 2019 Roundup: Windows Terminal, Microsoft Edge and more!

Microsoft Build 2019 Roundup: Windows Terminal, Microsoft Edge and more!

Microsoft held its annual developer conference called Build in 2019 from 6th – 8th May 2019 in Seattle, WA. We were there to personally attend all the major announcements and we treated them first on MSPoweruser.com.

Although this year, Build wasn’t very exciting as not many consumer-centric ads were made, but there were many ads that could be referred to as the foundation of something bigger that Microsoft is targeting in the future. This included a series of announcements that we will discuss in this article.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was announced as a replacement for Internet Explorer in 2015. At that time, although Internet Explorer was mainly used in the company, in the consumer space, it was associated with terms that aimed to slow down or to perform poorly. This started with the ever-increasing dominance of Google Chrome. Initially, Microsoft Edge worked with the EdgeHTML engine but recently a public beta version was launched for the browser, where it was created from scratch and run on Google’s Chromium Engine. Being an open source engine, it was pretty easy for Microsoft engineers to work with Google engineers to build Edgium.

Microsoft Search

Microsoft announced Microsoft Search some time ago that it bought a single hub to allow a user to search the web and through their work domain through a single search. The company announced that Microsoft Search will hit GA starting May 28thth, 2019. It will act as an intelligent entity in society in which a user can simply type in his query and the search service will search all resources in the domain and find relevant information for the user. For example, if someone looks for an employee in their company, the search will return results that would give all its displayable information such as its name, contact details, location of the office and more.


Yes, Microsoft recently joined Blockchain and collaborated with JP Morgan. Together, the two companies will emphasize the development of the Quorum and the corporate version of Ethereum later.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a service that Microsoft has worked tirelessly to improve. Recently they announced that around 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure through various services within their organization. Microsoft has emphasized the use of privacy and responsible AI. So, they announced Artificial Intelligence 2.0. With this, Microsoft is committed to building infrastructure and tools for developers to build a responsible AI.

They also announced the Azure voice service which introduces an improved speech recognition algorithm that can now include local accents and can provide real-time speech to text conversion.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft continues its work to grow its community of business application developers who will make great use of their Dynamics 265 and Power platforms.

Microsoft 365

With the power of Microsoft Graph and IA responsible, Microsoft offers various intelligent features to its Microsoft 365 and Office 365. They announced a feature called Ideas for Microsoft Word. The ideas will help a user design and present polished documents and use Microsoft Search.

Word ideas for Word online, which can help you easily design and present polished documents and Microsoft Search, a new corporate search experience that applies Bing’s AI technology and in-depth in-depth customized analysis emerged from Microsoft Graph

Windows terminal

Yes, Microsoft has announced the brand new, modern, fast, efficient, powerful and productive terminal application that will contain all the tools and command line shells including PowerShell, Command Prompt and various types of WSL.


This should distinguish the solution most appreciated by Microsoft. ElectionGuard is a module that will make the vote safe and transparent while being open source. Like many controversies in the major democracies, Microsoft made this announcement in which the voting process will be made safer and more transparent and the user will have the task of verifying if his vote is not counterfeit or otherwise.


Microsoft has also announced .NET 5 what will be the next major release of the .NET family. It brings in a unified platform with which developers can target various platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS and more. It will also be supported by Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio Code.

Windows subsystem for Linux 2

Windows subsystem for Linux has been updated to version 2. This introduces new features such as call compatibility of the complete file system that also supports Docker.

This article covers all the major announcements that occurred at Build 2019.


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