Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for SMEs

Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure for SMEs

How to make a company grow at a fast pace, with relatively low risk and costs under control? This is a question every entrepreneur makes every day. The answer is not the simplest but the good news is that small and medium-sized enterprise can rely on the help of technology to overcome this challenge.
To help make SMEs increasingly stronger and more competitive, Microsoft constantly develops and perfects its products and services. That’s why Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform that works with databases and web applications, has created many benefits for small and medium Enterprises as well.

Are you interested in using a modern and excellent solution for your business? So here are few benefits of Microsoft Azure for SMEs.

1. Integration of functions: With Microsoft Azure, you can integrate all the services and technologies that the company already has in the platform. That is, there is no need to give up what is implanted and functioning.

Along these lines, Azure presents itself as an exceedingly powerful and keen business solution that can be completely modified for small and medium-sized businesses enabling them to adopt the model that best addresses their issues.

2. Flexibility in programming languages: Microsoft Azure is a very simple and intuitive cloud computing platform, which has an open and flexible language, it allows the company database to be stored in only one web application, which simplifies the day-to-day management of collaborators, making their activities faster and more integrated.

Azure offers the company 100% flexibility since it works with any programming language, operating system, database, devices and also with various technologies used in the market.

3. Increased data security: One of the incredible contrasts of Microsoft Azure is the security that it gives to your companies. With it, it is possible to use specific services, such as the key vault, with AES-256 authentication (one of the most complete and safe on the market), and log monitoring.

In 2015, Azure was the first platform to receive ISO / IEC 27108 certification, a standard created in 2014 to indicate best practices to be followed by companies working with cloud storage.

4. Microsoft Azure Backup
Azure Backup is a tool the platform offers to save a copy of corporate data or restore it to the Microsoft cloud itself.

Because of its high reliability, this backup replaces the local or manual solution used by the company. In addition, it also offers data recovery services in cases of contingency, fully integrated to a platform of the first line and with excellent availability.

5. Advantage of having mobility
With Microsoft Azure, you gain the advantage of mobility in using your license. With the platform, the company can customize the services in the cloud and use them also on mobile devices, in total safety, anywhere.

This facility is even more interesting for small and medium businesses, which can also incorporate new applications to the platform or disable those that are not used, without having to pay for new licenses or mobility fees.

With Azure, SMEs becomes more secure, productive, with full transparency in the handling of your data and corporate information, through Microsoft and partner companies. In addition, the user is also informed if the government requests access to their database.

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