Microsoft 365 Improves Ransomware Defenses

Microsoft 365 Improves Ransomware Defenses

Microsoft announced on Monday that it has added advanced cyber-security solutions for small business users (SMB) in its Enterprise Software suite Microsoft 365 Business.

The company offers additional functions to protect SMBs from phishing and ransomware. These tools are designed for companies with a number of employees up to 300 people and include scanning of e-mail attachments using artificial intelligence, automated analysis of links to e-mail and device protection.

Business data protection enhancements comprise of data loss prevention policies, e-mail archiving and also data protection for the Outlook email application.

Based on Microsoft’s personal research, a study of small businesses showed that 71 percent been susceptible to cyber attacks. This figure jumped to 87 percent for businesses that have already been victims of the attack.

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Despite its vulnerability, Microsoft found only about half of the email encryption used, and less than half said they can remotely delete data from lost or stolen device-both opportunities, the company noted, which is traditionally available only to large enterprises.

Microsoft also stressed the amount of confidential information that was run by small businesses, with most of the firms surveyed indicating that they keep social security numbers and 29 percent keep information about bank accounts.

“Preventing unintentional leaks of these types of confidential information can be a challenge, despite all the efforts and good intentions of employees,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Earlier this year, Microsoft said that its Office 365 service is now used by 30 million people. In 2011, the company released a monthly subscriber service for its Office suite, and since then the subscription market for software for enterprises has significantly expanded.

A year ago, Microsoft presented extra features for small business users Office 365 by launching Microsoft Connections, Listings and Invoicing as new applications in its Business Premium service. The firm also deployed its Office 365 office center. Together, these add-ons allow small businesses in the US, the US and Canada to work with marketing, information management and eInvoicing.


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