10+1 Reasons Why Your Business Needs G Suite for Increased Productivity

10+1 Reasons Why Your Business Needs G Suite for Increased Productivity

There are a lot of companies who still use the free, personal Gmail account, or perhaps the webmail that comes with a web hosting package when hosting the company website. Most companies use personal Gmail (like abcgroup@gmail.com) to manage part of the business (like the Calendar to invite people to meetings, or the Drive to share files with your contacts).

If you want to grow your business you must also think about giving a more professional look to the emails you send from your company, to invite people to an appointment or to share with them a file. It will increase your level of credibility and enhance client perception of your company if you have an to email under your company domain name which will make it look like this: abcgroup@descas.xyz, abc@descas.xyz or 123@descas.xyz

According to GoDaddy, people are more like to remember your domain name and email. Also, people are more likely to do business with someone who sends emails with domains associated with the company than with people who seem to have the normal Gmail or yahoo mail.

Do you know that it is possible to have email addresses with the name of your company domain, preserving all the functionality of Google? The service is called G Suite.

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If you switch to G suite, you do not need any training for anyone who used a gmail.com address at least once because everything will be very familiar.

The huge advantage of a service that works great is not limited to mail (and, most likely, Gmail is the best mail service out there … so why not take it for your business?) But includes Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Maps, Google Hangout and much more.

So if you already own a domain and host your mail on webmail or other similar services, and then use @gmail for the functions like Calendar invitation, file sharing and more… maybe it is time to move your business to G Suite for Increased productivity and collaboration with teammates.

G Suite for Increased Productivity

10+1 Reasons Why Your Business Needs G Suite for Increased Productivity

Email account

Your company has the email accounts of all employees. Your employees are not owners of their account. What happens if someone leaves your company to work as a competitor or to start a business that competes with you and are the owners of their mailbox and all associated addresses? Look … that’s exactly what happens if you have employees who use private mail accounts for work, such as Gmail, even if it were just to invite other people to share files or an event.

As a G Suite administrator, if someone leaves the company, you can immediately change the password and redirect incoming emails to another email account.

File properties

With G Suite, all documents, sheets, presentations created by employees are owned by the company.
Remember that Google Drive is an alternative backup to services like Box or DropBox. You can create a business process that requires employees to work on folders shared with Google Drive.
If you fire an employee, you have access to all his files.

Sharing documents

It’s easier to share documents with your team, everyone has a G Suite account. For example, if everyone has access to Google Docs, it only takes one click.

Group email addresses

First, you can create a group email address, allmystaff@descas.xyz. You can easily target more emails of this kind, for example, to manage customer support. No, there is no additional cost to create group email addresses. And you can create as many as you want.

Multiple alias emails

You can have as many aliases on your G Suite. My username on G Suite you can have ik.onu@descas.xyz But if someone sends me an email to ikechukwu@descas.xyz. I’ll get the mail. This is because ikechukwu@descas.xyz is an alias of my account. This is particularly important for role accounts such as sales@abc.com, info@abc.com, branch1@abc.com
You can have as many aliases as you want to be associated with an email box.

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You can use Outlook as an email program

For all users who use Outlook, Google provides Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook


More storage space

With a free Gmail account, you have 15 GB of disk space. For Gsuite Basic (which costs €4 per month per account) space already goes to 30 GB per user. More disk space for storing files and documents.

Extra security with 2-step verification

G Suite has an important security option that the administrator can perform for all users. It is known as “2-step verification” (2-Steps verification). It means that if you connect to G Suite from an unknown computer, never used before, you are sent a code via message to verify that you really are the owner of the account (then password + code sent by SMS to the phone associated with your account)

2-step authentication is especially important if you decide to use Google Drive as a standard backup for your company’s computers (PCs or Macs).

Integration with the CRM

A corporate CRM is a necessary step for the growth of your company. One of the best CRMs in circulation is also free: HubSpot CRM. G Suite integrates perfectly with both the Calendar and the email. You can upload emails to CRM when you send them from G Suite and keep track of appointments set with your contacts. You can also create contacts directly from G Suite and update their information.

A single account to access all business applications

Users can use G Suite access to access other applications reserved for companies, such as HubSpot CRM, Slack, Salesforce, DocuSign, PandaDoc…

A branded user interface

Applications, like Gmail, have the company logo instead of the Gmail logo.

There are a lot of advantages in switching to G Suite. This is Why G Suite Might Be a Good Move for Your Business.




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