Google Unveils Scheduling Feature and More on Gmail

Google Unveils Scheduling Feature and More on Gmail

In honour of the fifteenth birthday of Gmail, Google released another update for it. The first and, perhaps, the most important innovation, which appeared in Gmail with the release of the April update, is the ability to schedule messages. Previously, this feature was only available to users of another Google email service called Inbox, which was officially closed yesterday, April 1. Obviously, for this reason, the developers of the company decided to transfer some of the functions in the Gmail Inbox, so as not to force users to go to competitors.
Google Unveils Scheduling Feature and More on Gmail

Write now, send later

We are aware of the fact that work can often pass to non-working hours, but it is important to consider everyone’s downtime. We want to make respect for everyone’s digital well being easier, so let’s add a new feature like Gmail. Just write your e-mail as you normally would, then schedule it to arrive in the inbox of the moment at a later time and time.

Google Unveils Scheduling Feature and More on Gmail

How to schedule a mail in Gmail

To schedule a message in Gmail, you must open the editing window, fill in the required fields (address, subject, text, attachments, etc.) and click on the arrow, which is now part of the “Send” button. It allows you to set the date and time of sending the message. After scheduling the mail, you can cancel it, view it and, if the need arises, make the necessary adjustments to the content of the letter.

And again, Gmail allows you to reply to a comment thread in Google Docs, hotel info and more, from new interactive e-mails.

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