Google Plus Will Shutdown on April 2nd: What to Do

Google Plus will shut down, and it will do it sooner than expected. This is announced by the same Californian company that, in a post on the support pages, reveals the next steps that will lead to “shut down” on April 2nd.

As you will surely remember, everything was born from the discovery of a bug in the API of the Mountain View social portal, a (serious) fact that compromised the security of 500,000 users. Given also the lack of success of the platform (the company speaks clearly and without too many words of “poor use”), Google has “seized the opportunity” to announce the closure, at least in the consumer version, intending to continue the development path for that enterprise dedicated to companies.

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On April 2, your Google+ account and all the Google+ pages you’ve created will be turned off and we’ll begin to delete content from Google+ consumer accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ will also be deleted in your Album Archive and on Google+ pages. You can download and save your content, but remember to do so before April. Please note that photos and videos backed up on Google Photos will not be deleted.

It will take several months before the process of deleting user content is completed, so it will still be normal to find some traces of the account (and content) for example for G Suite users.

Google plus: What You Need to Do by 2nd April

Google Plus will shut down: What You Need to Do by 2nd April

  • Starting February 4th, you will no longer be able to create profiles, pages, communities or events on Google+
  • From the beginning of March, the owners or moderators of the communities on Google+ will be able to download all the data, including “additional” data such as the authors or the photos of each community post.
  • From the “next few weeks” the log-in on sites through Google+ will stop working, although in several cases it will be automatically replaced with the Google button.
  • The February 4 will be removed the ability to access Blogger comments via Google+ (and March 7 on all other sites). Warning: all comments made via Google+ will be deleted from April 2nd.
  • On 2 April the service will be permanently deactivated.
  • For G Suite customers: the Google+ account will remain active, and will soon receive new features.

Source: Google+ Help

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