Top 5 Features that make Google Keep Stand out

Top 5 Features that make Google Keep Stand out

The Google Keep app, a competitor of note-taking services like Evernote and OneNote which can be used as an application to organize the daily routine. This may sound simple, but there are numerous features of the annotation application. The app stands out in a world where new note-taking apps come up every day.

Key Features of Google Keep

Understand quickly why this success:

1. Keep can also transcribe audio into the free online text

You open the app and record your message in there. When finished, the recording will end automatically and a new screen will appear with the text of your message and an audio file. Yes, the application transcribes audio into text. You can also edit text, add bookmarks, title, correct punctuation, and more. A great tool, when well used.

It is worth remembering that the functionality of transcribing an audio in text online and free is only available for smartphones, but has not yet reached the web version.

2. Turn the image into the text

Do you know when you are taking a course, for example, and take a picture of the blackboard or slide? But then you can not read the text, or do you have time to pass it on to a written document? Do not worry: if you learn how to use Keep completely, it will do it for you. The application, in addition to translating audio into free online text, allows you to take a picture of an image with phrases and, according to your command, it can transcribe what is written in the image. Of course, you can also edit what is written.

This is an extremely useful feature because, in addition to the example described above, this tool saves a lot of time for those who need to pass reminders to the app.

3. Write down and set up important reminders

Did you write any notes and need to be alerted about it? Keep has this tool. Just create a reminder within the app and put the date and time you want to be reminded about that information. It can be a unique reminder, for a special occasion (such as an important meeting, for example), or a daily reminder (such as a time to take a continuous medication). That is: it can be important for personal and professional life.

4. Using colour to sort and facilitate annotations

Colours are a visual feature that is often used to keep the organization of notes in order in an application to organize the daily routine. This function is especially valuable. Both for paper and application annotations. At Keep, this could not be missed. To organize annotations, the app allows you to separate notes or subjects by colour. It is also possible to divide them between tasks, deliveries and deadlines.

5. Keep has great integration with other applications – among them Google Docs

Keep users often save content from other social networks or apps to watch more closely. You can also use it as a scratchpad, or notepad. For example: write in Keep the content of an email or social networking post and then just send directly to the desired destination.

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