Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Gets New Categories and Languages

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Gets New Categories and Languages

We understand how helpful templates will be to a company  – they help you save employees’ time and effort, always make sure that their work product is professional, and boost brand consistency across their materials. That’s the reason for which we’ve invested the last several months working with partner experts to build templates in four new categories:

1. Project Management in Sheets, in partnership with Smartsheet, created four different web templates to add to the template gallery, which at the moment includes a Gantt chart, a project tracking sheet, a project timeline sheet, and an event marketing timeline.

 Project Mgmt Category - Google Sheet
Gantt Chart - Google Sheet

2. Sales in Docs, in partnership with PandaDoc, came up with four templates in a new Sales category for Google Docs. These include a sales quote, a training proposal, a software development proposal, and a request for a proposal.

Sales Category - Google Docs

Sales Quote - Google Docs

3. Human Resources (HR) in Docs, in partnership with Zenefits came up with a job offer letter, a job promotion letter, and an employment verification letter for a Human Resources category.

 HR Category - Google Docs
Offer Letter - Google Docs

4. Freelancer Engagement in Docs, in partnership with Upwork, designed a Freelancer Engagement category, and fill it with an independent contractor agreement and a statement of work.

Freelancer Category - Google Docs

Contractor Agreement - Google Docs

At the moment, these templates are only available in English and on the web.

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While the new templates above are English only, our existing templates are now available in several additional languages, including Hindi (hi), German (de), Indonesian (in), Japanese (ja), Dutch (nl), and Chinese (zh-CN). These localized templates will be available in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on the web.

Source: AndroidHeadlines.com

Feature image: TechRepublic

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