Google Cloud Platform Launches Text-to-speech Service

Google Cloud Platform Launches Text-to-speech Service

Google Cloud outlined the Cloud Text-to-Speech machine learning service, which uses the model of the subsidiary company Deepmind for the analysis of raw sound.

With the transition, developers will have more access to text for natural sound speech used in Google Assistant, Search, Maps and others.

According to Google, Cloud Text-to-Speech can be used to power voice response systems to the call centre, allowing the Internet of things so that devices talk and convert text media to verbal formats.

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech allows customers to choose from 32 different voices in 12 languages. You can also adjust the feed, talk speed, volume and format.

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The first contest for Google Cloud Text-to-Speech will be Amazon Web Services Polly, which allows 47 votes. Polly is also used for use in call centres and applications.

The deployment of the service also highlights how Google uses Deepmind technology for the Google Cloud Platform. The Deepmind technology used in Cloud Text-to-Speech is called WaveNet. A year ago, WaveNet created unprocessed audio signals from scratch using a neural network trained by speech patterns.

When providing text, WaveNet will generate speech from scratch one sample at a time for accuracy.

But with the upgrade, WaveNet works in the Google Cloud infrastructure and can generate raw signals 1,000 times faster than before. Loyalty and speed allow WaveNet to create more human sound.

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