Google Cloud Expands into Europe and Connects the Two Sides of the Atlantic

Google Cloud Expands into Europe and Connects the Two Sides of the Atlantic

The two-day Google Cloud Next 2018 London has welcomed more than 8,000 developers, customers and partners, making it the biggest Google Cloud event in Europe to date.

All the main sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa area are experiencing, Google underlines, a strong impulse. In these regions, more and more companies are looking to the cloud to transform the way they operate.

Media companies, such as Sky, use the cloud to achieve scalability, expand digital offerings and offer tailor-made experiences. Dealers like Carrefour to create new shopping experiences and to innovate the way to meet customers. Gaming companies, such as Ubisoft, are building open source projects that improve academic research.

All multinational companies need new ways of collaboration. Companies like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles use G Suite to connect teams scattered across many different regions.

Google Cloud and artificial intelligence in Europe

In the last 18 months, Google has launched four new Cloud regions, including Finland, Germany, London and the Netherlands.

He also announced a new region in Zurich. The company continues to expand its infrastructure on this side of the Atlantic to provide customers with the speed, capacity and reliability they need.

Google Cloud Trans Atlantic

Big G continues investments in submarine cables such as the Havfrue cable linking the United States, Ireland and Denmark. And like the Dunant cable that connects the US east coast to the French Atlantic coast. Thanks to these, Google Cloud customers can use the same network infrastructure that powers Google services.

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Google DeepMind has recently announced a new artificial intelligence laboratory in Paris. That increases the growing presence in the region and integrates with the Advanced Solutions Lab in Dublin. In the latter, companies can learn directly from Google Cloud ML engineers. And they can develop the skills necessary to create and distribute large-scale machine learning.

Google is training developers in over 20 European countries through OnBoard events and offers online training programs. Google has also announced the beta version of the third-generation liquid-cooled TPU clouds today. These make computational intensive machine learning faster and more accessible to businesses around the world.

The company also continues to invest in partnerships throughout the EMEA region. Earlier this year, he announced a global partnership with Atos to offer hybrid cloud, machine learning and collaboration solutions to enterprise customers.

The commitment with key system integrators, including Deloitte and Accenture, and strategic partners such as SAP, has also increased. Over 1,000 people registered for the 2018 Summit Partner, which took place before the Next.

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