Google Appears to Be Developing Its Own Blockchain

Google Appears to Be Developing Its Own Blockchain

Google is becoming a part of the blockchain bandwagon. Or in other words, develop it’s very own. The Alphabet Inc. division is building it’s very own distributed digital ledger that third parties would need to submit and also validate financial transactions.

Google cloud platform GCP provides diverse products and solutions ranging from computing, storage, networking along with tools.

Despite the fact, the company gave its word to secure the personal privacy by means of the Identity-Aware Proxy together with multiple factor authentication, centralized computing network continues to be unsafe for its users.

For that reason, employing decentralized technology will certainly strengthen Google’s security set-up. Google has made an investment in blockchain startups such as Ripple, Sorj Labs, LedgerX, Blockchain, Veem, and also Buttercoin.

It happens to be 2nd in CBI Insights “Most active corporate blockchain investors” list.

In spite of this, the company won’t be providing information public related to the new idea at this time. “Like many new technologies, we have people from different groups who are studying the potential use of detachments, but it’s too early for us to think about any possible applications or plans,” the Google representative explained.

Those close to the company said that Google is looking for new ways to use the block network on the Internet. The Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba and the startup blocker Brave surpassed the Google Chrome browser! This leads to the statement: “The Chinese are moving to life.”

Brave is a web browser built on the Ethereum blockchain that connects advertisers, publishers, and readers with Basic Attention Token (BAT) tokens. Brave builds ex-CEO Mozilla, Brendan Hitch, for half a minute collected 35 million dollars!

Scott Spencer, director of sustainable advertising at Google, said: “We have seen sufficient consumer harm or potential for consumer harm, and this is an area to which we aspire with extreme caution.”


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