Goodbye to Microsoft OneNote Desktop Application

Goodbye to Microsoft OneNote Desktop Application

Goodbye to Microsoft OneNote desktop application, as Microsoft plans to stop developing the product outside the current version of OneNote 2016.

Microsoft plans to support OneNote 2016 throughout the entire life cycle of Office 2016, which means that it will receive security updates and fixes before October 14, 2025. However, after this date, it will be an unsupported and potentially unsafe product, according to an announcement on Wednesday.

Microsoft had a hard time working on improving its application to create OneNote notes for Windows 10. The software offers many options and improvements on previous versions, and now cloud-based software is in direct competition with the likes of Evernote and Google Docs.

Microsoft is focusing its efforts on developing OneNote for Windows 10. The transition to the OneNote for Windows 10 application will officially take place when Microsoft releases Office 2019, according to the announcement. Earlier, Microsoft suggested that Office 2019, its next product Office for a perpetual license, will be released in the second half of this year.

However, for new users of Office 365, the transition to the OneNote application for Windows 10 is already taking place. Both new users of Office 365 and future users of Office 2019 will receive the OneNote for Windows 10 by default with any new installation of the performance package. With such new installations, the desktop version of OneNote will not be there.

On the other hand, nothing will change for existing Office users who have a OneNote 2016 desktop application, provided they use it. However, if Microsoft telemetry indicates that the OneNote 2016 desktop application is not being used, it will disappear in the future update of Office 365. It will also disappear when Office 2019 is installed. Instead, they will receive the OneNote application for Windows 10.

Now the application will work on different platforms and allows you to perform your work on different devices for maximum portability. OneNote for Windows 10 took all the best parts of previous versions and added them now to one software for use on all your devices.

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