Gmail for Android and iOS: You Can Disable Conversation View

Gmail for Android and iOS: You Can Disable Conversation View

For some time now Gmail allows you to view the messages received from the same sender in conversations. A feature introduced to ensure a better organization of incoming mail, grouping the elements belonging to the same exchange. It is especially useful for those who find themselves daily dealing with a large number of emails to be managed in the inbox. Not all, however, have welcomed this feature with open arms.

It is now possible to disable email conversation view on Gmail for Android and iOS apps – an option that has been available for some time on the Web.

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Google announced it a few hours ago, and it seems to be a server-side change: it may take up to 15 days for it to appear on your device. In any case, the support page that explains how to do is already online, but only for Android. For iOS, the function is still not available.

Disable conversation view on Gmail for Android and iOS

It’s nothing complicated, however: just open the Gmail menu, choose Settings, General Settings and check the View by conversation checkbox. Note that the setting will be synchronized through all the devices associated with the same account; this means that, if you have the conversation view already deactivated on the website, at some point you will automatically deactivate it even on mobile.

Here is what we read on the pages of the G Suite blog.

In Gmail, replies to messages are grouped as conversations to make it easier to follow and manage them. Nonetheless, some users prefer to see their emails listed individually within the box. It is already possible on the Web by disabling the display mode of conversations in the settings menu and now we are bringing the same feature in applications for Android and iOS.

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