Gmail Confidential Mode: Send “Secret” Messages to Recipient

Have you thought about sending emails to private or secret emails to clients, customers or partners? Just like PhotonMail. Well, Gmail confidential mode is coming your way.

The Gmail development team is testing the possibility of sending so-called confidential messages whose content can not be copied, printed or sent to another user. This is reported by TechCrunch with a link to the screenshots of the updated mail service interface.

Gmail Confidential Mode: Send "Secret" Messages to Recipient


Gmail Confidential Mode: Send "Secret" Messages to Recipient



Confidential emails, obviously, are a kind of alternative to secret chats available in most modern instant messengers. Gmail users will be able to configure the time after which secret messages will be deleted, and also protect their contents with a password that can be sent to SMS.

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Gmail Confidential Mode: Send "Secret" Messages to Recipient


At the time of publication, confidential emails are in beta testing and are not yet ready for mass use. According to sources TechCrunch, who talked about the tests, the new mode sometimes fails and the Google development team takes some time to debug the service.


Gmail Confidential Mode: Send "Secret" Messages to Recipient

TechCrunch’s interlocutors emphasize that confidential messages with all the abundance of methods of protection from prying eyes are not protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that such emails can be intercepted both by third parties and by Google itself, which nullifies the meaning of their protection by new means.

Update: 26/4/2018 – Confidential Mode is now available for all users on Gmail. Just Click on the Clock icon when composing your mail



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