Google Rolls Out Security Center for G Suite Enterprise

Google Rolls Out Security Center for G Suite Enterprise

Google is integrating a new security center in G Suite to give administrators a more accurate view of security measures for staff devices, and guidelines for managing them.

The idea behind this update is to give officials one place to see their corporate security position. In a single dashboard, a series of individual windows displays data including suspicious device activity and how unwanted e-mail and malware are targetting users throughout the business.

“It helps administrators primarily by providing them with a single comprehensive view of the security situation of the organization,” says Chad Tyler, product manager at the security centre.

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Administrators can click on individual graphs to learn more about specific types of data and act on them. If you’d like to know more about phishing attacks, you can view the types of emails users see and receive the most malicious messages. If someone is often targeted, you know to make sure there are additional precautions such as binary authentication.

In another example, administrators can also view files that lead to data loss prevention alerts. Based on this data, they can take action to see which users are sharing information. Data is collected in the Security Center from devices that are registered in Google’s corporate accounts.

“A lot of this information is based on our usage logs about auditing within the Admin console.” When the user uses Gmail, there are records related to the different things that were sent and received, and that is the organization’s view of what is going on. ”

In a separate window, the Security Center contains a list of security guidance recommendations. Administrators can view their current settings and see Google’s recommended risk reduction settings. Tyler points out that all best practices will look the same in each administrator’s security centre, so it’s useful to look at the individual settings to determine the best for your organization.

This component of the Security Center is less of a notification system and more of an administrative tool, Tyler says. Google will update it based on new security information or new settings.

He added that the safety centre is for supervisors only and will not provide alerts or best practices to end users, noting that Gmail already has measures to prevent successful attacks.

“There’s already a lot of protection for end users, to prevent them from clicking on what they know is undesirable,” says Tyler. “This is just giving information to officials to better understand what is going on and take those decisions at a high level.”

The Security Center is part of G Suite Enterprise and will automatically appear in Admin console over the next few days.

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