Why G Suite Might Be a Good Move for Your Business

Why G Suite Might Be a Good Move for Your Business

Why G Suite might be a good move for your business
G suite for your business

Do you have a remote or on-premises team? Are you always missing important information from other departments or colleagues? Would you like to be able to work and access your data from anywhere on any device? Is email setups taking forever for it to be configured? Also Hiring a geek to set it up may not be as fast you expected.

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Today, a lot of businesses are earnestly looking for solutions to these challenges they are facing. G Suite is Google’s solution to a variety of productivity problems dealing with a lot of companies as well as organizations. G Suite was built in the cloud and every part is in the cloud so your staff will get minimize off briefly if their web connection goes. G Suite ( initially referred to as Google Apps ) is one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly solutions on the internet that brings together email, cloud storage, productivity software, calendars, and more.

Benefits of G suite for your business

  • Simplicity: A single login grants you access to all apps and colleagues in the same workspace can easily share information.
  • Convenience: Since G suite was born and built in the cloud, Users can access their info wherever they are from any device. It saves you the stress of saving the file/document in a flash carrying it everywhere you go.
  • Compatibility: Have you ever experienced a problem whereby you saved a document with a version of office and your colleague is having a different version of office distorting the display of the document.
  • Collaboration: Are you working on a project remotely? or your colleagues are not in the same place with you? G Suite’s Google Drive offering is an effective strategy to use. A great number of people can view and also modify word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, virtually all simultaneously. Additionally, provide read-only access to users who desire information in the document, however, would not have the capacity to make changes.
  • Better email: With G Suite, users get the same interface as the free Gmail account which most people are familiar with. Your generic @gmail.com addresses will be removed and your own domain will be used instead of making it professional.
  • More Data: The basic G Suite product gives you 30GB per user which is two times what the free Gmail has to offer. This gives you more space for backups your data.

So what on earth are you waiting for? Reach out to Descasio support team to see precisely how G Suite can possibly get you up and run at full speed.

Descasio Limited can help you determine the right set up to meet your specific business needs. Contact us to support your business anytime!

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