Get Free Skype Minutes by Purchasing an Office 365 Subscription


When you purchase an Office 365 subscription in many countries, you get 60 minutes a month to call over 60 destinations worldwide with Skype. However, to take advantage of this offer, you must activate it manually from the Microsoft Account page. Microsoft has now finally realized that this extra step is not actually necessary. As part of the new Skype Insider build announcement (v8.39.76.176), Microsoft today announced that Skype minutes will automatically be activated when you purchase an Office 365 subscription. This new build also includes the following new improvements:

  • Caller ID requests: If you do not have caller ID set for outgoing calls and SMS messages, you will be prompted to configure it. In this way people will know that you are when you call or send them an SMS message from Skype!
  • Do not forget any unsent messages! You’ll find conversations with unsent messages at the top of the recent chat list marked as drafts. You can quickly get back to them, finish and send.

Construction details updated:

  • Retains the version of the app for tablets iPhone, iPad, Android 6+ and Android and for Windows
  • Desktop app version for Mac and Linux and for Windows
  • Web version

These new features will be implemented gradually on Skype Insider.

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