Free Access to G Suite Hangout Meet

Free Access to G Suite Hangout Meet
As more businesses are impacted by travel restrictions or are encouraging their employees to work from home in response to the spread of COVID-19, we want to do our part to help them stay connected and productive with G Suite.

We’re writing to let you know that Google has rolled out free access to advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to your company, including:

These features (typically only available in the Enterprise edition of G Suite) will be available to your company until July 1, 2020. We’re committed to supporting your business during this challenging time and are continuing to scale our infrastructure to support greater Hangouts Meet demand, ensuring streamlined, reliable access to the service throughout this period.

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What does this mean for your organization?

If you currently have the G Suite Basic or Business edition, you will now be able to access the above advanced Hangouts Meet capabilities free of charge for your domain till July 1, 2020. These advanced Meet settings will be default OFF, so you must enable them in the Google Admin Console to allow your users to access them. After July 1, your domain will revert back to Basic or Business edition functionality for Hangouts Meet.

What do you need to do?
  1. If you haven’t turned on Hangouts Meet for your organization, you must enable Hangouts Meet.

  2. To enable Hangouts Meet video calls and advanced Meet features for your organization, follow the instructions outlined below:

    1. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts

    2. Click Meet Settings

    3. Check the edit icon on the right side of the “Additional Services” box.

    4. Scroll down and check the box that says “Let users place video and voice calls.”

    5. In the same screen, turn on other advanced settings for live streaming and meeting recording.

    6. Click Save

How can I learn more?

To help your users get the most out of video meetings, visit our G Suite Learning Center which includes training resources such as a Meet quickstart guide and tips for working remotely.

After July 1, 2020, will I be charged for these advanced features?

No, you will not be charged after July 1, 2020. Your domain will revert back to Basic or Business.

Descasio Limited can help you determine the right set up to meet your specific business needs. Contact us to support your business anytime!

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