Dropbox Releases an Add-on for Gmail for Sharing and Saving Files Easily

Dropbox Releases an Add-on for Gmail for Sharing and Saving Files Easily

Dropbox had signed a partnership with Google which includes the integration of its cloud storage service with the applications on G Suite. The first result of that agreement is the Gmail add-on that allows you to perform several operations on the file without leaving the email service.

The collaboration between the two companies seems surprising, as they offer competing cloud storage services. Ketan Nayak, Product Manager at Dropbox, however, pointed out that 50% of Dropbox users use the G Suite, so this is a decision that benefits both parties. After installing the add-on, you will be able to view, save and share any file without leaving the mailbox. Users no longer have to worry about the available space because it is enough to insert the link to files and folders on Dropbox.

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The integration between the two services eliminates the need to switch from one application to another. Also, the link will always point to the latest version of the file, so you do not need to send another email with the updated attachment. Of course, attachments received in Gmail can be saved directly to Dropbox. To use the add-on, click on the + sign in the right-hand column of Gmail and search for it in the G Suite Marketplace.

The add-on is available in the web version of Gmail and on Android. In the coming weeks will also arrive on iOS.

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