Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

The process of digital transformation is increasingly demanding, with profound changes in the market and customer demands. Therefore, the future evolution of Nigerian SMEs will be strongly linked to their ability to adapt to this transformative process.

Digital transformation reconstructs the dynamics of organizations to adapt them to the needs of the present and the future. Currently, digital transformation is not an option. Today’s companies can no longer consider adapting to this new landscape as there is no other way to achieve business goals and compete than through digital transformation. We don’t only want to start working on social networks, have an interactive blog, launch e-commerce, or digitalize all the tangible documentation that we have in the workplace.

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SMEs have to consider a reorganization of the working model as they think about digital transformation in the company. A new way of working will be proposed and incorporated while employees will have to adopt the new operating methodologies in our processes. This new operating methodology has the tendency to change, an attitude to adaptation and a new digital culture.

Nevertheless, the digitisation method is not the same for any business or organization. It is therefore important to analyze the environment in which your organization operates before implementing a digital transformation process.

Keep abreast of what business objective the company is pursuing and, of course, of the human and technical resources available to make these changes possible.

After analyzing the environment, a digital transformation plan will be carried out, but the plan should not be done only from the Directorate but each department of the organization should be represented, and make sure all members feel that they are part of the process, take it up and understand the new way of working.

The scope for the plan will focus on the business objective you want to achieve and, therefore, also the process of digital transformation to be implemented.

For example, an SME, a bus transit company or a travel agency have very different business objectives and these will affect the implementation of digital transformation processes.

Therefore, the plan we design must be adapted to your objective and the scope of work of your business or company.

When a business successfully adopts digital transformation in their business, it leads to an increase in revenue and cost savings for the company. Nonetheless, it is also worth taking into account certain advantages, such as better customer service and interaction or empowering and retaining staff due to the efficiency that technology brought in the organization.

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