Why Is the Cloud Safer than a Local Data Center?

Why Is the Cloud Safer than a Local Data Center?

Is your local data center safe? A lot of business owners don’t put in consideration of what might happen if their local data centers incidentally caught fire while other business owners are not really aware of the hazards an on-premise server can come across. Most CTO and business owners are majorly concerned about reducing IT costs. To accomplish this without compromising the quality of the process, extensive planning is required so that the company’s areas are not affected or there are losses in productivity.

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How do you prevent data loss and a huge drop in operations as a result of a fire outbreak, inadequate temperature control, and other potential environmental hazards? This is a huge problem that affects every industry and companies in Nigeria and some part of the world. One of the best solutions is to migrate your local data center operations to the cloud giving you 99% uptime and less infrastructure to manage.

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Why the Cloud is safer than Local Data Center?

Migrating to the cloud is a breakthrough not only in technology as we know it but in the way it has redefined productivity among employee. It has become increasingly common to see team members alternating their routines between the office and home office, performing indispensable tasks thanks to the flexibility that only the cloud offers.

Still, while offering benefits and value for companies that choose to adhere to the cloud, there is a concern for security.

Data Integrity
It’s risky for companies with local data center have their files, hard drive and software stored locally. Damages such as due to misuse, improper storage or even internal changes can cause your business to lose important data from customers and partners.

To make sure this does not happen, most cloud service providers have their solutions based on seamless backups, ensuring the integrity of your business data, and delivering restore systems – should anything go unplanned. In an eventual disaster in the environment, it will be difficult to recover the data if they are still in local data centers.

The possibility of a local data center becoming inoperable – or going through times of inaccessibility – can bring risks and harm to your business. It is possible that a local data center is compromised if your company is subject to change, is subject to a sudden power outage, or any weather in nature.

When you choose to use a cloud service, those occurrences become rare. Unlike the local data center, it does not require updates due to obsolescence nor is it liable to harm your company due to operational defects, as there are continuous updates and improvements without the need of monitoring them.

By signing your agreements, cloud service providers are committed to ensuring the privacy and non-disclosure of any data relating to your business. In addition, with proper control of usage permissions, the cloud becomes a more secure option.

Using the cloud, you just need to maintain a continuous monitoring system, knowing “who has the power to access what.” That way, your company does not become vulnerable to employee mistakes or even third party spying.

Finally, many of the cloud providers use advanced encryption systems that guarantee efficiency against attacks, intrusions, and other externalities that could normally reach your local data center.

With cloud technology, the same file – when saved – is divided into numerous parts and is usually stored on different servers. Even if one of the servers is hacked, the information contained in it is only a fraction of the file. That is, your company will not be harmed and your information will be safe.

Are you using a local data center in your organization? Now that you know how the cloud is safer than the local data center, how about contacting us to find out which one is the best choice for your business?


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