Cloud Computing For businesses

Cloud Computing For businesses

In recent times, Cloud Computing becomes popular as a new way of data storage. The place of storing software or files on a server or hard drive remotely usually called cloud storage. Without even realizing more business process are already relying on cloud computing. Example: business use webmail services like Gmail, share job schedule using google apps, sharing a file using Dropbox, and more.

Cloud computing what is it?

The delivery of computing service does not talk about a computing product called cloud computing. Cloud service can deliver software, file shared resources, and other informational data via networks to utility devices. cloud computing has a lot of benefits for their users.

In many different ways, cloud computing will help business owners who have international operations. Software, data, and file information can be access by staff remotely. Example of Cloud computing used daily, your web-based email account. you can set up and access it easily and quickly. If you are subscribing to the storage service provider and without buying you can use its resources.

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Both of Homegrown and applications by the third party can be integrated into cloud computing. The infrastructure of cloud technology offers more scalability so that high-quality services be obtained by the user. Cloud technology does not affect your IT resources because they can automatic upgrades and include or offers support for extensive customization.

Benefits of Cloud Computing For businesses


Cloud computing is way cheaper than buy own server. Purchasing an internal server need to outlay a costly one-time expenditure. You also need to buy licences for multiple software. But you will need a little fee or even no capital investment when utilizing cloud computing. You just pay ongoing user fees and you don’t pay the large upfront costs.


Compared with a traditional in-house software management, the security of cloud technology is actually more superior. Often affordable resources for large-scale security are provided by Cloud computing service providers, otherwise, small-to-medium sized businesses can make use of such resources. So, the security of cloud technology better than an in-house server.


Cloud hosting provider automatically provides 24-hour technical support for a business. This benefit is included in the ongoing operational expenditure when you using cloud computing technology.

There are cloud computing companies, like Google with google apps, Amazon with Amazon EC2, Dropbox, or Microsoft with Windows Azure. So when it comes to cloud computing, with a better price, security and support you can try/start using cloud computing for your business and enjoy the benefits.

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