Challenges Of Cloud In Healthcare Sector

Challenges Of Cloud In Healthcare Sector

Cloud computing refers to an on-demand self-service internet infrastructure that empowers the client to access cloud resources anytime from anyplace. It is another model of conveying computing resources, not new technology. Cases of generally utilized non-healthcare applications are Microsoft Hotmail and Google Docs, while some well-known healthcare applications include Microsoft HealthVault and the recently discontinued Google Health Platform.
As with any other service, health care requires consistent and precise advancement keeping in mind the end goal to remain financially savvy, proficient, and opportune, and to give astounding administrations. Numerous managers and specialist foresee that cloud computing can improve health care services, benefit from health care research, and transform the look of information technology. For example, Schweitzer, Haughton and Kabachinski trust that cloud computing can decrease Electronic Health Record (EHR) startup costs, such as hardware, software, networks, staff, licensing fees, and encourage adoption.
Regardless of the many advantages related to cloud computing applications for health care, there are additionally many issues related to management, technology, security and lawful issues to be tended to.

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Every development has some cons attached to it, and so cloud computing is not an exception. Some of the problems associated with this include:

1. Privacy and Security Challenges.
Data sent to cloud sometimes contain confidential personal information on persons healthcare that requires proper safeguarding. This is to prevent disclosure or misuse of such data. Although rare, sometimes data stored in the cloud may be hacked and used inappropriately hence becoming a challenge.

However, we tend to fear what we don’t know one or two things about. Data stored in the cloud are more secure than the traditional systems. when data are stored in the cloud the lack of physical access from employees or visitor makes it more difficult for data leaks and misuse. Cloud infrastructures are monitored round the clock in order to kickoff potential threats. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) carry out a yearly audit to protect against setbacks in their security systems, unlike traditional systems which do not have such feature.

2. Incompatibility
Numerous hospitals think that its hard to guarantee that cloud services are compatible with existing parts of the IT infrastructure. It is necessary to test that everything works before the service is deployed – otherwise, the usage of this service can have an extremely negative impact on operations. If things do not go smoothly during the test, the organization should recognize what to overhaul and determine if it is worth it, despite all the trouble.

Nevertheless, you can build applications using any language, tool, or framework in the cloud and also integrate Public Cloud Applications with your existing IT Environment. Giving you little or zero problems with incompatibility.

3. IT skills
As more organizations embrace cloud services, the positives in IT with cloud computing skills are highly sought after and can be troublesome for healthcare providers to provide.

One of the solutions recommended by some experts is to provide training to IT staff already on the staff list. Many organizations will find that this is more cost-effective than looking for external help.

In conclusion, The only main concern in cloud computing in the healthcare sector is information security. Efforts are being done to ensure information stored in the cloud is safe and secured.


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