Amazon Embraces Open Source as Competition Increases

Amazon Embraces Open Source as Competition Increases

Amazon has actually embraced the use of open-source technology ‘Kubernetes‘ seeing that the competition in the cloud business increases.

The technology which was originally designed by Google team has gained support from quite a few commpanies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. It is actually said to offer several benefits to the faculty to process an application on virtually any public cloud including Azure and Google Cloud Platform. This clearly informs that it hassle-free for Kubernetes to migrate from one cloud vendor to another.

Amazon AWS

Based on information shared by Analysts, Amazon at one time provided a service just like Kubernetes, however, the Google technology has proven itself as the standard for such “container” technologies and also AWS was left with no other choice yet offer its help for the open-source innovation.

Remarking on the AWS circumstance, Joe Beda, one of the developer of Kubernetes and the CTO of Heptio, stated: “This is an example of AWS looking outside of their world in response to customer need.

In the year 2006, AWS spearheaded the cloud computing business with a service that is thought to be a quick and basic strategy to get moderate yet powerful computing services for small sized business. The business not just engages small sized business, as well as large enterprises as well.

Be that as it may, changes rose in the market. Alongside AWS, two of its adversaries likewise picked up share in the cloud infrastructure market worldwide as per the premier global market intelligence firm IDC.

While AWS’ share increased to 45.4% in H1/2017, versus 43.8% in H1/2015, compete with Google Cloud’s offer expanded to 3.1% out of 2017 from 1.7% of every 2015. The most critical increment was noted in the offer of Microsoft Azure, where an expansion to 10.3% was seen in 2017 from 5.6% of every 2015.

Chief product officer of Datadog, Amit Agarwal, said, “Amazon remains the apparent market leader, however, the cloud infrastructure market is monstrous and there’s space for some players.

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