5 Wonders of Dynamics 365. Number 3 is Absolutely Amazing

5 Wonders of Dynamics 365. Number 3 is Absolutely Amazing

Customers are probably among the most key assets in an organization has. Despite the industry, it is important to have highly effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage customers and growth. With the ideal CRM, organizations can easily collect, manage and also organize their customer data on a platform to increase loyalty. The best part of Dynamics 365 is that not only is it full of all the right features, but the platform can be easily customized, integrated and deployed to align with the scope of your business.

Applications of Dynamics 365

Dynamic 365 for Marketing: Dynamic’s marketing application is designed to maximize lead conversions. Contacts, opportunities, contacts and campaigns can be managed in one place. The reports and analysis between the sales and marketing department are available for a deeper vision, improving better planning and execution of campaigns.

Dynamics 365 for Sales: Dynamics trains salespeople with their digital intelligence and predictive analytics that maximize the conversions of potential customers. Sellers can now interact with their customers more effectively and understand their needs. With its predictive analysis, it allows the team not only to remain motivated but to close more offers by identifying opportunities.

Dynamic 365 for Customer Service: the customer service application is designed to provide a 360 view of a customer’s life cycle, facilitating the retention and management of cases. Dynamics allows customer service representatives to deliver quickly and customized by guiding them in the right direction with intelligent processes.

Dynamic 365 for Operations and Finances: the application unifies the operations and finances of a company for a better overview of the business in order to make quick informative decisions. Dynamics helps companies adapt much more quickly to changing market demands, improving business growth.

Dynamics 365 for Talent: Dynamics created its talent application to transform the human resources department of a company. Hiring the right people and preparing them for success has become easier with a personalized incorporation experience. Retention and growth within a business is another great advantage that the application creates, with continuous learning, personalized professional trajectory and development guidelines.

Top 5 Wonders of Dynamics 365

  • Security: Solution in the cloud hosted on Azure, a Microsoft platform that guarantees the total security.
  • Integration: Fully integrated with Office 365 and other Microsoft products such as Power BI
  • Multi-device: Mobility guaranteed. Possibility of connecting from any device regardless of the operating system
  • Unified: Enable people to do their best work by unifying relationships, processes, and data with comprehensive business applications connected through a common Microsoft cloud platform.
  • Adaptable: Thrive as your business changes by extending existing applications, building new solutions, and integrating with other technologies on a flexible, scalable, and secure platform.


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