5 key benefits of Digital Transformation for your business

Organizational change is the foundation of digital business transformation. This is because changing the nature of an organization means changing the way people work, challenging their way of thinking, the daily work processes and the strategies they rely on. Although they present the most difficult problems, they also offer the most profitable advantages, allowing a company to become more efficient, data-driven and agile, exploiting more business opportunities. Although this may seem simple, digital transformation can be a complex and often daunting process, especially in those projects that have a major impact on every aspect and section of economic activity, changes that go from top to bottom, linking each element to create an efficient digital operation.

When an organization begins a journey of digital transformation, it realizes that it needs different sets of skills than traditional ones, to meet the needs of technological change.

But it is much, much more than just technological changes. It’s a completely different way of working, which requires a different mentality for CEOs, executives, IT departments and even entry-level employees. It’s about changing the way in which everyone’s operations and habits are adapted to new technologies, rather than simply adopting them. I insist: digital transformation does not simply mean adopting new technologies.

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Your Business

If you are still not sure what benefits a digital transformation process can bring to your company, check out these benefits:

– Differentiate yourself from the competition

If we want to be competitive companies, it is essential to implement a digital transformation process. This implementation improves your market situation against competitors, your brand image, and therefore, helps to offer that necessary differentiation from the competition.

– Increase productivity and performance

The implementation of these types of processes will help to make your day-to-day work more efficient. It can reduce search times and access to data, it facilitates the possibility of innovating, improving and conversing. It can eliminate meetings, in addition to optimizing processes, which translates into increased productivity, effectiveness and performance.

– Reduce costs

This optimization in the work processes allows reducing costs: transport, materials, logistics. Technology facilitates the possibility of automating mechanical processes so that people take advantage of their talent in innovation and process improvement. All this optimization helps to save costs.

–  Strengthen your internal communication

Different digital tools help us improve communication between members of the company. One of the best examples of this is corporate social networks like Yammer. These tools offer the possibility of participating in the different activities involved in an organization. Facilitate conversations and active listening. In this way, it improves internal communication, the great one forgotten, but essential for all communication processes to work.

–  Improve products and services.

We have commented that tools such as corporate social networks can help us improve internal communication and active listening of members of the organization. The general social networks will, in turn, serve us to actively listen to users, clients or potential clients. But to be able to do it successfully, it would be advisable to get feedback, reviews and feature suggestion from existing and potential customers via social media. It is important to understand this listening as a business opportunity, to improve our products and services. If we do active listening this information will be of great value to improve our business.

Developing the right strategy for digital transformation will lead you to revolutionize the performance of your business. The hardest thing, in the beginning, will be to change your mindset and be able to invest adequately in new technologies. But you will see that as soon as the results begin to arrive it will be like taking a breath of fresh air.

Descasio Limited can help you determine the right set up to meet your specific business needs. Contact us to support your business anytime!

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